The Gambia, November/December 2008
These photos were taken on a two-week trip to the Gambia in November/December 2008 with fellow  
photographer and skilled birder Kit Day (see
Kit's website for lots more superb photos). We stayed in
the comfortable
Senegambia Beach Hotel, which is well-known for the birdlife in its extensive
gardens and along its private beach.

A typical two-week trip to the Gambia involves a number of days spent in the coastal area, visiting
the local forests, wetlands and savanna habitats.  A few days can then be spent upriver in more basic
"camp-style" accommodation at Tendaba and Georgetown, or as far as Basse for anyone wanting to
explore even further inland. A number of birds and other wildlife can only be found by travelling
further upriver.

A trip to Senegal, which surrounds the Gambia on all its landward sides, will also provide many new

Extensive trip reports can be found on the
Surfbirds website and elsewhere on the Internet.
Click on the links below for a collection of photos from the different areas:
Sunset over the River Gambia
Ancient Baobab Tree

A local guide is invaluable, and we hired the services of Modou Colley, a keen Gambian conservationist
(see and also a well-organised, skilful and sharp-eyed bird guide. If you need a
guide for your trip to the Gambia, check out
Modou's website for more details.
A colourful country with some colourful characters....